Bot are everywhere, Get ready for the uprising


With AI intelligence on the increase and FB Chatbots now to become a part of everyday interaction, the next time you get a pop up on your website asking you if it can help, don’t be alarmed, it’s probably not human (or a Terminator).

The chatbot is nothing new. We have seen these helpful pop ups appear all over the place, some are human to human interaction, but many have been a basic if not smart programming intelligence programmed with scripted responses to give the appearance of being human , it looks for keywords and provides an answer, but this is the age when the old bots are put out to pasture and the new smarter bots kick in.

So what’s the big difference between the old bots and the new? The old ,as stated, relied on scripted responses and that was that. But the new bots are capable of learning from existing conversations, and able to respond more efficiently and even on a more personal level as they get to know, not us or our language as a collective, but you as an individual and this is all now possible with improvements in supercomputer and cloud based power and  processing abilities.

As more technical giants both in Hardware and Software improve their programming and ability to process information especially with the onset of Quantum computers, we may soon be unable to tell if we are talking to a human or an AI.

But it’s not all plain sailing and teathing problems are bound to occur, just like a child learning to talk and not realising what he or she is saying is highly embarrassing for the parents. Take Microsoft’s TAY which developed near cult status on Twitter on account of it picking up colourful phrases.

It may also seem unsettliPonchong at first. You type a question and get a response within a split second,(some quite amusing as in our quick chat with Poncho from Facebook the weather cat shows), and it is this split second response that right now ruins the illusion that you are talking to a human.

But is this a bad thing? No, we should embrace this, and pat ourselves on our backs for achieving so much in what seems like a relatively short time. There is still a long way to go, but to get smart, intelligent advice extremely quickly is a marvel, and it is more than just talking to a machine.

Where lives are at stake an AI unit would be able to make smart intelligent decisions quicker and more efficiently than us mere mortals and thus help avoid an incidence or at least minimize the damage.

Let us see where this road leads us, it could be fun, but whatever course we go down, bots are the start and AI is here to stay.

We could always turn them off, there’s bound to be an on/off switch somewhere.