The Modem Reset and How to fix it.


Just like Penn and Teller gave away some of the tricks of their trade, so we to intend to reveal to you how somethings in IT that may appear baffling is actually quite simple.

So based on a recent and yet common problem, we thought we would share with you how to fix it when someone decides to hit not the on/off button on your modem, but rather, the RESET button! Yes it happens without any consideration as to what might actually go wrong.

Now, first let us begin by saying the reset button often requires you to push the point of a pen into a small push button hole for a few seconds. Some modems will, if you are fortunate enough, reset to the original settings you had when your provider sent you the modem in the post. most notably BT and so no problem there,  however many modems don’t, and this is where the problem occurs. You see, resetting the modem will often take out the user authentification from the device which is required to log you on to the Internet and why where on the modem it say Internet, instead of having a nice green light, you have an orange one, flashing at you, taunting you for doing what you did.

OK, so how to get back on. Well have a look on the back or bottom of the modem, they normally have two things on them. The Wifi Name & password, but also another Username and Password. This other username and password allows you to talk and modify the box, such as change the wifi name and password and it is this username / password you need.

Let’s forget about the wifi for now, we will come to that in another post.

You may also see a magic number, aka ip address, normally the order of, but not necessarily,

This is the default IP address of the modem itself.

If you can talk to the modem via wifi but unable to browse, just open up your browser, ignore the fact that it cannot find the page, instead in the address line at the top of the browser, enter the IP Address

All going well you will get a login username and password page. Enter the username and password you found on the back of your modem (not the wifi details)

You should now able to login to the box and be either prompted to login to the Internet OR have a Internet setup wizard. Either way, you are going to need your ADSL username and password. Now these are often provided in a pamphlet you received when you got your device but then binned or filled in the usual way, so it might be anywhere, but if you have lost it, no panic, just call your provider… (you may have to pop to your Local Public House and use their free WFfi to find their contact details, but it’s a good excuse to sneak a drink in, we got your back!)

Now you have the necessary login details and suitably quenched, back to the modem, enter the Internet login username and password information the provider gave you either at the prompt or when asked after going through the Internet setup wizard. Hey presto you should now be on the Internet and that orange light is now green.

So what happens if you don’t know the IP Address of the router? Simple, you have been able to connect to the Wifi so…

Click on START and in the search window or Run prompt (you can get to the Run prompt by pressing the Windows Icon key to the left of your keyboard and the R key together). Either way, enter;


If using the Search option you will see an option for Command Prompt, just click on it. If using the RUN option just click on OK.

You will now have a small black window appear. The good old Command Prompt.

Just type in :


and press Enter

Now we are getting professional looking.

ipconfigExcuse of bad scriggle, but you are looking for Default Gateway and the IP Address to the Right. This is the IP Address of you modem, here for us, it is

Make a note of it and put it in your browser thingy and login.

A few things, Sometimes the WiFi will not work, simply use a network cable, plug it into your PC or laptop, and plug the other end into the back of the modem, there are normally 4 sockets quite often yellow, anyone will do. modem_back_of

Some modems have four sockets, some have one, anyway in the picture above it’s the four yellow ones. The one to the left of the yellow sockets is the ADSL socket, it’s slightly different, so don’t try to force your network cable into it because a) there should already be a cable in it plugged into your phone line, so leave it alone, and b) if it doesn’t fit it’s not supposed to go in!

Here’s a network cable, handy things to have.


One more thing, if the password to access the modem is not on the back, again don’t panic a) your provider may be polite enough to supply it, so back to the Public House, quick call and a drink. OR quite often the defaults are;

Username: admin

Password: admin


Username: admin

Password: password

Good luck