Free Support


That’s right, you didn’t misread that. We are offering you FREE IT SUPPORT when you email us or send a message via our facebook page



  1. It must be digital written communication only (i.e. email, Facebook message)
  2. No Apple or Linux etc issues please. (we have our reasons)
  3. We will not assist with full-on installations. If you need a server or a network setup, then we are are happy to help but it’s normally a chargeable onsite call,
  4. We will reply in a timely and orderly fashion so no urgent support issues  as we may not get back to you in time
  5. Any emails received before 9am GMT and after 1pm GMT will not be eligible for support
  6. We have the right to post interesting issues raised across our Social Media Platform, but discretion will be used.
  7. If the situation requires remote access and / or onsite support normal charges will apply, but we will advise in advance before you make any monetary commitment.


We take no responsibility for the advice given should it cause a disruption to your system. Whilst we try to maintain solid support, many issues can be put down to a variety of reasons, such as rogue software or miscellaneous hardware, and as such resolutions may effect computers in different ways.