The correct infrastructure for you business is essential to ensure your system is reliable.

Cabled networks are extremely reliable, but can be unsightly, which is why we do our best to ensure cables are discreet, tidy and fulfill the laws of health and safety. Using a colour coded cabling system, makes it simpler to understand what cables plug into what equipment. Whether you are using DHCP or Fixed IP Addressing we keep records of all your entire network configuration to ensure IP conflicts do not occur.

When is comes to cabled networks we get your the right equipment and setup so that you achieve maximum speed.




Password-wifiWifi has come along way in recent times. With faster speeds and more device reliability and higher security levels, it is no longer a solution solely for the home user, and has become a practical resource for the small business. But still is needs to be setup correctly, especially if you are sharing an office with other businesses, after all you don’t want network conflicts or to open up the doors for others to see you system.

This is why we at Straight Forward IT ensure you have the right equipment for the job, and set your system up with a secure system so that you can work without conflicts and in the safe knowledge that your system is protected from external intrusion.